Anonymous Internet Surfing

When you surf the Internet your computer IP is exposed, websites you visit log your IP, your ISP can see what you have been doing and keep logs of that too, when on unsecure Wi-Fi anyone with a packet sniffer can capture your usernames and password as well as computer acitivities, a VPN can stop all of that.

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No logs VPN

Idiot proof VPN software from a well established privacy company able to make you truly anonymous online with very little computer knowledge needed from your part, a couple of clicks you can make yourself untraceable on the Internet, the VPN software works in desktop computers running Windows, Mac or Linux.

VPN4ALL client

Latvia, Japan, United Kingdom, USA, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Singapore, Germany, Ireland and many others.

Unlike other similar services VPN4ALL unique headquarters location in privacy friendly Seychelle Islands allows them to avoid USA, Chinese and European Union snooping laws violating your personal privacy, this VPN provider does not keep logs of your online activities, not even connection times or assigned IPs, they are unable to provide anybody with details of what customers have been doing on the Internet through their VPN.

VPN4All server options
VPN4ALL server options configuration

If you need advanced configurations, like automatically changing your computer fake IP every hour or every few minutes this can be set in options, if you are behind a restrictive firewall you can modify the port access, anything you don't know just ask VPN4All support team and they will be more than happy to help.

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